Book Week in the Owls

So far, we have been sharing the story boxes we made for our home learning project:

104_1606 Esio Trot

104_1618Goldilocks and the Three Bears

104_1633The Hobbit104_1635



We have been practicing story telling with the boxes ready for sharing them with our Reading Buddies at the end of the week.


All our Maths this week is based on the book Math Curse by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.


Today we solved quadratic equations, a real challenge!

We are continuing to learn how to write balanced arguments about social networking.  We have been reading Chicken Clicking by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross.


Still to come this week is our extreme reading challenge, our new book corner and outdoor story telling.  Stay tuned for updates across the week.

Wednesday update: Linked to Math Curse, we had to estimate how many counters it would take to cross the length of the playground and then find out.  We did this in lots of different ways:




What is your estimate?