Chris Yeates

Chris YeatesMy name is Chris Yeates and I attended Brundall Primary School between 1987 and 1993.

What am I doing now: I’m a Chartered Accountant and Senior Manager at Larking Gowen, an accountancy firm in Norwich. I work with small and medium sized businesses across Norfolk and Suffolk, helping them with their financial reporting, audit and tax requirements.

What do I enjoy outside of work: I enjoy running, cycling and walking. I enjoy visiting new places. The world is huge. There are so many different places to visit and cultures to experience. I enjoy reading. My favourite author is Raymond Chandler. He wrote private detective novels. I have read all his books. The only problem is that he is dead so he is not going to be writing any more for me to read!

What happened after I left Brundall: After Brundall I went to Thorpe St Andrew High School. After Thorpe I went to Cardiff University and took an accountancy degree. Next I joined Larking Gowen to take my Chartered Accountancy exams and I have been there ever since!

What are my memories of Brundall school: I loved my time at Brundall Primary School (and Thorpe too).

My favourite memories include:

  • every year the school had a huge fireworks display and Mr Capp the Headteacher would show us all the fireworks in huge boxes beforehand.
  • being the football team captain and beating lots of other teams!
  • making lots of great friends. It is 20 years since I left Brundall Primary School and I am still good friends with a number of people I met at Brundall school.
  • the annual school play and falling off the stage when playing the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland!
  • year 6 school trip to Derbyshire and jumping in lots of mud! Not so much fun when all the mud dries though!
  • being banned from the school choir for being terrible at singing but then us “rejects” having stories read to us and playing games every Friday afternoon when the choir had singing practice!
  • having great teachers who helped to get to where I am today.