Dodos Week #29

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This week we have been learning a lot about the general election. The Dodos are probably in the 0.1% of the country that have actually read the manifestos for each party. We were kindly visited by Chris Jones (Labour) and Keith Simpson (Conservative) and the class acquitted themselves marvellously.

Next week is a short one due to the Bank Holiday but we will be meeting Stuart Agnew who is currently UKIP MEP and is sitting in the general election for Broadland. We will also be working on more SATs practice whilst trying to enjoy life as much as possible.

NOTICE: We will be visiting the library on Tuesday morning; straight after the visit from our Mr Agnew. BRING YOUR LIBRARY CARDS TO SCHOOL

Home Learning

Please see home learning from the previous week. I’ve not seen many nets being made or heard of any of the other things on there.


  • We had another look at the 2012 paper this week. I think that it has a lot of questions that are likely to come up again. Study it well.


  • Keep going with the word list and think about ways to remember the ones you find difficult like we do in class.


  • We are visiting the library on Tuesday so have a think about what books you would like to get out.



100 Word Challenge

  • Read the entries from this week
  • Post yours if you haven’t already
  • Sophie C got a nice comment from last week

Special Week (L’Attitude)

Choose your part and commit it to memory.