Early Years Learning…

We have been thrilled at the way both Reception Classes have settled in our school. Each morning they enter school excited and full of energy to start a day full of learning opportunities. Already we can see so much progress..

Friendships and routines have been established and we are excited about returning to school next week to begin a topic celebrating and exploring our world..

Thank you to parents and carers for working in partnership with us.

Here is a snapshot of some of the learning opportunities that have taken place in September and October…

Penguin and Bittern Outdoor Classroom
Exploring and building gross motor control
Developing an effective grip and fine motor control
Planning an assault course for the Penguins and Bitterns
world building
Investigating the world
Motivated to practice name writing
Taking risks on an assault course made by new friends…
Making new friends
Retelling traditional tales
Learning to order numbers through play
Turn taking and number development
Developing 1:1 counting skills
Playdough creations
Exploring capacity
Building concentration through play
Developing fine motor control
Using imagination…
Making friends and developing language
Learning to take turns and concentrate for longer periods of time…
Learning to take care of our bodies in yoga sessions
Practising important skills outside
Small world play in our outside classroom
Having fun forming the letter s
Practicing name writing and using imagination outdoors
Enjoying a good book…
Developing letter formation daily
Developing important physical skills
Awe and wonder at our pond area
Exploring our nature area
Building a strong core
Exploring our campfire