FOBS Committee Meeting

Monday 1st November  2010, 7.30pm at Brundall Coffee Shop.

1/.            Welcome.

a/.            Officers Present.

Siw – Chair, Mel – secretary, Bronnie – Treasurer..

b/.            Committee members present.

Emma C, Emma W, Ally, Nik,

c/.            Apologies.

Paul, Amanda, Trudi, Jane, Helen, Juliet.

2/.            Declarations of interest.

There were none.

3/.            Approval of previous minutes.

These were proposed by Emma C and seconded by Mel.

4/.            Matters arising from previous minutes/any outstanding actions.

(i).            A 4.5metre outdoor classroom, stage/benches and sleepers for KS1 playground have now been ordered and FOBS have given £7,500 to pay for it. Budgens have taken down all posters etc, EW to speak to Rick.

(ii).            Approx. £400 was raised at both quiz n chips evenings. Positive feedback was received for the evenings and we have to decide if this is going to be an Annual Event.

(iii).            The benches on the decking are rotting and not worth repairing. They will be offered for sale for £10 in the next newsletter. Siw will ask Blofield Camping about prices to replace them. We could ask parents to sponsor a bench and plaque.

The felt has come off the shed, it will need replacing. It was suggested, in the future, we buy a new larger metal shed to replace the two wooden ones.

(iv).            Bags2School 0 10th November, bags have gone out.

5/.            News/Correspondence – Chair

There was none.

6/.            Treasurers report/feedback.

We have received a chq from the Rotary Club for £270 from the Fayre. This is a percentage from the BBQ.

7/.            Fundraising ideas (ideas/actions/allocations).

(i).            Firework Night – 4th November.

Rotary and St. John’s Ambulance confirmed. Lighting tower will be delivered to school on Thursday, Bar licence, stock and flashing novelties all got.

Need helpers to put up tent after lunch on Thursday, and helpers on the night for 2 x gates, bar, tea/coffee/tuck, marshalling and cleaning up.

Siw, Julian, Mel, Paul, Bronnie, Nik, Juliet, Ally, Jane, Amanda, Mrs Watering, Kirsty Sims, Hen, Amy have all volunteered. Need more for marshalling. Emma W to ask Rick and other parents.

(ii).            Kids on the Catwalk booked for Tuesday 15ht March. Dance club need to asked to move to another room, so we can set up.

(iii).            Emma C to organise tea towels. We need a quick turnaround on this to ensure delivery before Christmas. Emm W to warn teachers.

(iv).            Saturday matinee to cover KS1 entertainment.

(v).            Saturday matinee. Possible date 11th December, 2 – 5pm. Still sorting oput licence. If we go ahead this this, Trudi can get us promotional stuff for Shrek 4.

Tickets to be purchased in advance with a form stating allergies and contact details.

Film, hot dog, popcorn and fruit shoot for all in price of £5.

(vi).            Beer Festival sometime in March. Still needs to be researched more.

(vii).            Emma C to book disco for KS2 in February.

8/.            SPENDING PLANS.

(i).            Fund Raising for Outdoor Learning now complete.

(ii).            Rick has agreed with our idea of renovating the Practical Area. We need a working party to put together a business plan by April to put in for an award from Adnams and Jarrolds.

9/.            IDEAS.

Already discussed earlier.

10/.            A.O.B.

October minutes were posted on the website, therefore, notice of EGM was given and so Emma W proposed & Nik seconded Ally onto the committee as a full member.

Mel proposed & Emma W seconded Nik as Vice Treasurer. Both with immediate effect.

11/.            DATES OF NEXT MEETINGS.

TBC, please advise on best date being sent with minutes.

Meeting closed 9.20pm.