FOBS Committee Meeting

Friday 8th October 2010, 7.30pm at Brundall Coffee Shop.

1/.            Welcome.

a/.            Officers Present.

Paul – vice chair, Mel – secretary.

b/.            Committee members present.

Emma C, Juliet.

c/.            Apologies.

Nik, Bronnie, Debbie, Amanda, Trudi, Emma W, Jane, Ali, Siw.

2/.            Declarations of interest.

There were none.

3/.            Approval of previous minutes.

These were proposed by Juliet and seconded by Mel.

4/.            Matters arising from previous minutes/any outstanding actions.

a/.            Siw to sort out putting constitution and minutes on web-site.

b/.            RSS is keen to order the outdoor classroom, he has the playground renovation in his bigger picture. All members present voted to go ahead with the purchase of it. There weren’t enough members present to make a Quorum, so Siw will e-mail around asking for votes.

5/.            News/Correspondence – Chair

a/.            There seemed to be good feedback from the Quiz & Chips evening and a possible £200 raised. Thanks and Well Done to all who helped.


c/.            Ali Rowland would like to stand on the committee.

d/.            Nik has agreed to take on the role of Vice Treasurer to help Bronnie.

e/.            The FOBS shed roof needs replacing and the decking needs staining. Siw suggested a working party to rectify these matters.

f/.            It was suggested that we try and sell off the benches on the decking. It was agreed to advertise them in the newsletter.

g/.            There will be an EGM at the next meeting to elect new committee member and Vice Treasurer.

6/.            Treasurers report/feedback.

As Bronnie couldn’t attend, we didn’t have this.

7/.            Fundraising ideas (ideas/actions/allocations).

a/.            Big Brain of Brundall Quiz – Tuesday 19th October, 7.30pm at school.

We need helpers on the night, Mel, Juliet, Paul and Emma.C. (7.15 – 8.45) can help.

Mel will email round asking for volunteers.

We agreed to hold a raffle if we could get prizes.

There will be a bar and tea and coffee, no stock needed. Cake donations will be asked for.

b/.            Fireworks Night – Thursday 4th November.

Doors open – 5.30pm and Fireworks – 6.30pm.

3 or 4 people are needed tat afternoon to put up tent.

Rotary Club confirmed to do BBQ.

St. John’s Ambulance say it is in their diary.

Paul will sort out license, flashing novelties and lighting tower.

We don’t need any bar stock except for mulled wine, we will check the cupboard for tuck stock.

Mel will send email asking for helpers for the night.

We will ask the hardware store to sell tkts again.

Posters/Flyers/Tkts need to be done. Juliet to see if template in office.

c/.            Bags to School – Wednesday 10th November. – Bags to go out soon.


d/.            Film matinee. – Paul to enquire about entertainments license at  School and District Council. Discuss further at next meeting.

e/.            Beer Festival. – Discuss further at next meeting.

f/.            Christmas. – We will have a table at the Brundall Christmas Festival. Emma C. to research cards and teatowels for next meeting.

8/.            Spending Plans.

a/.            It was agreed to purchase reward stickers.

b/.            Outdoor learning, as Siw could not attend, we didn’t have any feedback from RSS.

c/.            We will advertise the existing benches for sale in the newsletter. It was considered whether we should ask parents to sponsor a new bench and whether it was better to buy steel instead of wood. We may need a new shed in the future.

d/.            Future projects – The practical area needs redeveloping, if we are to put in a bid to Adnams and Jarrolds for a grant, we need to draw up a business plan. We need a small team or committee for this.

9/.            A.O.B.

We will do Kids on the Catwalk in March. KS2 disco on a Thursday in February, EC to book both.

KS1 need something, discuss.

10/.            Dates of next meetings.

Monday 1st November and Friday 3rd December, both 7.30pm, Brundall Coffee Shop.

Meeting closed 9.15pm.