Looking after our world…

Today the Penguin, Swan and Hawk classes visited Pensthorpe Natural Park as our end of year trip. What a fun and interesting day!

We all learnt to identify different species of birds and had the opportunity to feed the ducks. The children also learnt about the importance of creatures that are pollinators in an informative talk led by Allan, the wildlife education educator, before visiting endangered cranes, red squirrels and the fascinating flamingos. On the way we also met an artist who showed us his beautiful work.

After lunch we explored a fantastic indoor area filled with climbing equipment and very fast slides which were enjoyed by all. Before leaving we also challenged ourselves outside on the huge play area.

Thank you to all staff, parents and carers who helped to support us on this trip. There were so many positive comments form the children including, “Thank you for taking me to such a calm place.”

If you have time this summer we would recommend this fascinating and very special venue to learn and be active.

Mrs Brown

Penguin Class