Making good choices!

Mr Allan, from Premier Sport, visited the Penguin Class today, to talk about the importance of eating breakfast.

We thought about foods that give us energy and he read us a story about a character called Emma who was very lethargic and floppy in school, because she had not eaten any breakfast. We also listened to a song and tried delicious breakfast cereals and fruit.

I was impressed with the children’s developing knowledge of making healthy choices.

“You need to drink milk to have strong bones and teeth!”

“You must brush your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed!”

“Breakfast gets you ready to learn”.

This is part of a 12 week programme where each class will learn how to “Sleep well, move well, drink well and eat well.” These are are the four Fun-Trition fundamentals to healthy living.

Thank you Mr Allan, we are looking forward to next week.


Mrs Brown

Penguin Team