Nightingales and World War 1 Treasures

In the Nightingales we have been looking at some genuine artifacts from World War 1.  They are over 100 years old.  The Nightingales looked at postcards sent from Harry ( Mrs Whitehead’s Grandad) to Doris (Mrs Whitehead’s Nanan).  He was serving in the Royal Flying Corps (which was to become the Royal Air Force in 1918), in Northern France.  The cards were sent either for birthdays or Christmas and some had the original greeting on the back.  The Nightingales asked sensible historical questions about the cards, war, the family, how people would feel etc.  It was a good use of oral and visual historical evidence.  The children were really impressed at the colours and all the beautiful embroidery on the cards.  Well done Nightingales for thinking of sensible and interesting questions.