Outdoor Learning

We are very lucky to have beautiful school grounds including our own pond, named The Jubilee Broad. On Monday morning the Penguins returned again to observe the changes that have occurred recently. The pond was teaming with life and provided wonderful first hand experiences to get close to nature. The children were asked to record their most fascinating find:

” I was fascinated by the blue, shiny dragonflies”   Bestsy Aged 5

” I discovered a nest under the logs and the ants scurried underground carrying the eggs!”   Riley Aged 5

” I liked the fast moving, speckled newt”.   Ruth Aged 5

” The pond skaters are so clever walking on top of the water.”  Alfie Aged 5

Many parents ask me what homework they could  have for the holidays and of course being close to nature and talking about these experiences can provide rich learning opportunities. Please remember also  to keep reading during the 6 week break.  The Summer Reading Challenge started last Saturday and with free stickers and a medal to work towards it is a great incentive to practice and develop an enjoyable lifelong learning habit.

Mrs Brown

Penguin Class

Penguin Class