Owls’ World War Two project

As part of our learning about World War Two this term, we have been finding out about our families’ involvement in the war.  Some of us brought in artefacts surviving from that time to share with the class.  We learnt a lot from looking at them.  Mae brought in a newspaper from 1939.  We had to be very careful when we were reading it.

We found out about events leading up to the point when Britain entered the war on September 3rd 1939.

Ellen brought in an RAF jacket and photographs which belonged to her great grandfather.  It was made of a very heavy, thick material to protect him when he was at high altitudes.  We also talked about some of the different places he visited during the war.

Molly brought in copies of family letters written during the war and also a certificate received by a member of her family for taking in evacuees to stay with them to escape the bombing in London.

The certificate is signed by the queen.

We are very much enjoying our topic so far and are looking forward to our trip to The Time and Tide Museum in two weeks time.