Peacocks are Feeling Good!

Wow – what a week!  Peacocks have had a full-on week.  They started the week visiting Crucial Crew, run by the Fire Service, where they experienced and participated in a range of realistic situations which are potentially life-threatening in order to raise their awareness of what they can do to increase their own and others’ safety.

This was followed by a trip to the library in the afternoon to remind the children of the wonderful facility right on their doorstep and the delight of losing themselves in a book.

On Tuesday, the Peacocks spent a day at UEA’s SportsPark.  They got the chance to try badminton, football, netball, hockey, frisbee and rock climbing.  This was in order to emphasise how physical exercise makes us feel good and has a beneficial effect on not only our physical, but also our mental well-being.

After arriving back from UEA, Peacocks joined the whole school singalong on the decking with the parents.  There’s nothing like a song to lift the spirits!

On Wednesday morning the Peacocks joined with the Puffins for an hour’s aerobics on the KS2 playground, led by an ever-energetic and enthusiastic Mrs Odell!  It was a really fun way to get moving to music and the children (and adults!) loved it.

In the afternoon they had a workshop on how to eat to maintain a steady energy, rather than the highs and lows accompanied by eating too much processed food or sugary snacks.

Today (Thursday), the Peacocks visited the park and just enjoyed the simple pleasures of running around with their friends and playing on the equipment.  They came back to school to shelter from the sun and start practising their end-of-year leavers’ song.  In the afternoon they attended a workshop on mindfulness and, possibly, their favourite activity of the week – rolling down a hill!  Nothing quite beats the sheer joy of bare feet on grass and the kamikaze thrill of rolling faster and faster down a bank.