Penguin Learning Cafe

Thank you to all of the grown-ups who came and supported their child by attending our Learning Cafe on Wednesday. This was an important opportunity to discover how we teach phonics in Reception/ Year 1 and to be part of our learning partnership.

The Penguin Class were proud to demonstrate their progress and the new skills they have learnt as well as share the delicious curry they prepared for Diwali. Our Catch One Partner activity, which is part of our collaborative learning focus, revealed their growing confidence and developing social skills. Each child greeted several of their peers and shared their knowledge on how people celebrate Diwali. Our youngest learners discussed important values in our school and were summed up by a child explaining, “Every family is different and that’s okay. I don’t celebrate Diwali in my family but I do have fireworks and pretty lights.”

It was a rich learning experience with music, discussion, creative design in making individual clay Diva lamps and recycling plastic milk cartons into collage elephants, role-play, traditional Indian dress, literacy and much more.

Today we welcomed Ravi, our Sikh friend, with a Sita and Rama role-play performance in our hall. Again this was an important experience for children to learn that we are all different but the same. There were lots of interesting questions and deep thinking as children made connections with their own lives.

Thank you to all of the members of our community that make learning a real and enjoyable experience that will not be forgotten.

Here are just a few snap shots of a great morning…

Mrs Brown/Mrs Elmar

The Penguin Team

Letter formation