Power of an active school

As a staff we are always looking at additional ways in which we can sit less and move more. Research shows that children who are active are more likely to retain  learning as well as the additional boost to immunity and improvements to mental well being. This is a big focus in our school this year.

Yesterday staff were introduced to some fun additional resources that can be accessed in school and at home. The website is free and is called www.gonoodle.com.  It is a chance to take a brain break for 5-10 minutes and to raise your heart rate whilst dancing to music. We tried “Food glorious food” in assembly on Monday and the children were left feeling energized and ready to learn.

Mrs Odell spoke to us about our new Wherry workout which is being introduced throughout the school.

Warrior lunges (x10)

High Knees (30 seconds)

Elbows to knees(20)

Run on the spot(90 seconds)

Reach for the stars(x20)

Yoga pose(30 seconds)

Staff also took part in circuit training in the hall.

Thank you to everyone who took part. As parents, carers and teachers we are important role-models to our childrens’ views on physical fitness.

At home you may wish to watch a short presentation that the children also saw on Monday. It can be accessed via YouTube and is a called “The power of an active school”.

Have fun with “Go Noodle”.

Mrs Brown

P.E Team