Puffins: Learning Café November 14 2019

‘Miss Peers and the children have a great rapport’

‘All working together. Gret listening. Lovely class.  Lovely atmosphere.’

‘Being creative, learning a new skill’

‘How happy and settled the children are-there’s a lovely feel to the classroom.  Lesson was fun-loved Miss Peers getting into character-she’s fab!’

‘Extra bonus that I learnt something new-which I didn’t expect.  I can now weave J

‘Thank you for being so welcoming to us parents’

‘The kids all really enjoyed the lesoon and so did I!  lovely creative way of teching the history.  It was a really relaxing, chilled out parent share.’

‘The class get on well and there is a good tmosphere.  I enjoyed this parent share, especially the weaving-I think I’ve found a new hobby!’

‘Really clear learning objectives…how happy the children were…The visit from the ‘Master Weaver’ was great.’

‘How well the children integrated with each other.’