Record Numbers!

It was great to hear that record numbers of children have finished this year’s Summer Reading Challenge.

Tess, our village librarian was thrilled with the increase in numbers. This year 91 children finished the challenge.  Certificates will be awarded to children in Wednesday’s assembly. Medals can be collected from the village library as they ran out due to the high demand!

Sharing a story as part of your bedtime routine can really make a difference to your child’s achievement.  Sharing a book is fun and its a time for closeness, laughing and talking together. It is also good to involve everyone, brothers, sisters, grannies and granddads.

Once the new children have settled we will be holding an after school session to help new families understand the way we teach reading and phonics.

Well done to those children who completed the challenge and remember “Everything starts with Reading!”

Mrs Brown

Early Years/Phonics Leader