Special week in Nightingales


Ella’s super presentation

Our wishing tree

What a busy 3 days the Nightingales have had.  On Monday they investigated endangered animals and thought about their own well being.  Tuesday saw them thinking about disability and our attitude plus up-cycling junk to make a variety of things.  Some of the things made were a treasure box, hamster home, table and pencil holder.  On Wednesday they listened to a great power point from Ella who used to live in South Africa.  That made us all think about why people might have to leave their country and what problems they might face in a new country.  We listened to some music from different cultures and gave our thoughts.  We have also discussed body image, the different between boys and girls and made a wishing tree where we all placed a wish for the world.  Tomorrow we will be going on a plastic hunt and thinking about how we can reduce plastic.  It has been very busy!!