Spelling Week 1

Today in assembly, we talked about why correct spelling is important.  There were some great ideas:

“So people can understand what you want to say”

“If you make lots of spelling mistakes, people won’t know how smart you are”

“It will help you get a job when you get older”

Each class will be working on key words which they are currently finding tricky.  Look out for these being displayed around the school this week.  We are aiming to know them all by the end of the project.

Why not try this at home:

Word Chains – a game for two or more players.

The aim of the game is to get more points than anyone else by thinking of longer words.

The player who goes first thinks of a word.  The next player must use the last two letters of that word as the first two letters of the next word.

e.g cararmoururgencycyclelettuce

Players earn two points for each letter they use, but only one point if they have to look the word up in a dictionary.

If one player is stuck and cannot go, another player can challenge them and earn themselves bonus points.

We would love to see some of your word chains.  Who came up with the longest word and what was it?