Spelling week 3

This week, our focus is on prefixes and suffixes, at the beginnings and endings of many common words eg. enjoyment, unkindness. Recognising that a word has a prefix, suffix or both helps our spelling as we can split the word up into separate parts to make it easier to learn.

One of the Owls’ words is “disappear”.  Using our knowledge of prefixes helps us avoid using double s, which some of us used previously.  We looked at the meanings of common prefixes and suffixes and investigated how these can change the meaning of the original root word.

Knowledge of prefixes and suffixes also helps us to recognise new words in our reading and expands our vocabulary.

Have a look at this puzzle.  How many words can you make using a prefix, root word and a suffix?  Is it possible to do this using each word part only once?

Prefixes                             Root words                                         Suffixes

dis –                                    logic                                                   -ness

re –                                     polite                                                 -ment

il-                                       express                                               -y

en-                                     cover                                                  -able

in-                                      understand                                        -ly

un-                                     lighten                                               -ity

ir-                                       expected                                            -ible

im-                                     fill                                                        -ing

mis-                                    regular                                                -al