Swans become Kindness Superheroes!

During our special week all about kindness, the Swan class became ‘Kindness Superheroes’. We donned our masks and capes and spread kindness around our class, the school and beyond.

We started the week by reading the story ‘Have you filled a Bucket Today?’ This story teaches us the importance of being nice to people in order to fill their invisible bucket. We designed our own buckets and every time we are ‘caught being kind’ we get to fill our bucket.

On Tuesday, we baked over 250 vanilla heart biscuits. As we baked, we poured our kindness into the bowl and on Valentine’s Day we delivered a biscuit to every child in school!

On Wednesday, the RSPB came to work with us to carry out some Birdwatching and we thought about how we can show kindness to the birds around our school. Thank you to Clare and Vicky for a wonderfully interesting visit. Later that day, we made special messages which we then posted to the special people in our lives. We hope that they spread kindness when they have been delivered.

On Thursday, the Toucan class were very kind and came to share stories with us, thank you Toucans for bringing stories to life. In the afternoon, We wanted to show kindness to the people who help us in school and invited them to come for a tea party.

We ended the week by reading the ‘Kindness Quilt’ and made our own quilt of kind acts that we carry out at home and school. We are sure our kindness will continue into the weeks, months and years that follow but this week has been a great reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference.