Vocabulary: Week 1

This week saw the launch of our vocabulary focus.  Every class is producing a “Tiers of Vocabulary” model, such as this one from the Owls’ class:

The words in tier one are words children should already know.  Tier two are the focus teaching words and tier three is subject specific vocabulary.  This will be different depending upon the age of the children and their class themes.

The Owls have been using dictionaries to find out the meanings of their words, which include cacophony, mellifluous, superfluous, ominous and despondent.

In assembly today, the children thought of an interesting word to share.  This is what they came up with: melancholy, competition, photosynthesis, materialistic, Pina Colada, flibbertigibbet, New York, realistic, archaeologist, because.

We also watched the book trailer for Lemony Snicket’s 13 Words.  Can you make up a similar story using our assembly words?

Word challenge: Find ten big words from a chapter of a reading book.  What do they all mean?  Can you find them in a dictionary?  Let us know what you find out.