Vocabulary Week 4

Our focus this week is on polysemous words, words which can have many meanings. There are many examples of these in the English language and they can make reading confusing.  The Owls thought of cut, fire, ball, shot, pen, date, broke, mouse, cap, bank, ruler, swallow, swift.

How many different ways can you find to use ‘break’ in a sentence?  How many more polysemous words can you think of?

This week, the Puffins have been improving their writing on volcanoes by using more interesting synonyms.  It was great to hear some of these in assembly this morning.  The Penguins shared their fantastic knowledge of vocabulary related to plants, whilst the Swans have created a brilliant display of root words, prefixes and suffixes.  The Nightingales have linked their display to the class topic, with their Vocabulary Volcano and it was great to see the Bitterns and Toucans using dictionaries and thesauruses to help develop spelling and vocabulary.

Please continue to support our focus by reading at home with your children as much as possible over the Easter holidays.