Vocabulary: Week 6

This week we are thinking about root words.  Root words are the basic parts of words, to which prefixes or suffixes can be added, which then changes the meaning. Understanding the meanings of root words can help us understand the meaning of the whole word and spell it too.

eg appear,   disappear, disappearance.

Did you know that many of the words we use in the English language originally come from other languages?  These include Latin, Greek, French and Germanic languages.

We talked about ‘tri’ in assembly this morning, which comes from Latin and Greek and means ‘three’.  We thought of lots of words which include this: tricycle, trio, trigraph, triceratops, trident, triceps, triathlon.  Can you think of any others?

Have a look at this table below.  It shows root words and meanings but they have been muddled up.  Can you sort them out?  Teachers did this at staff training a few weeks ago and found it quite difficult.  Can you beat the teacher?