Votes for Women!

This morning, the Owls, Peacocks, Puffins and Golden Orioles watched a fantastic production by Springboard East, which taught us all about the history of parliament and the voting system.  We learned about the importance of casting your vote and the lengths people went to many years ago to obtain the right to vote.

Afterwards, the Owls and Peacocks took part in workshops looking at the suffragettes and the conditions many children faced during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

“I learned that compared to 10 year olds in the 19th Century, I am extremely spoiled.” (Joe)

“I was shocked that the government put a feeding tube down a lady who refused to eat, just because she wanted to vote” (Erin)

“I was very surprised that children aged 9-10 had to work 15 hours a day.” (Ella)

“I am surprised that voting was so, so important to people a long time ago and now it is very important to me.” (Xavier).

Here are some of the posters we made and pictures of today’s events.

Year 5 voting 006Year 5 voting 009Year 5 voting 033Year 5 voting 034Year 5 voting 015Year 5 voting 020