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Penguins visit Norwich CastleMedieval MadnessSuffragettes!Mini-Groovers!Sporting InspirationNativityChristmas DinnerTomorrow’s exciting visit…Penguin Parent ShareA big thank you!Playground PalsSpaces in Gymnastic ClubAutumn treasure…Vote for me!Learning about the 5 Five SensesA visit from paramedicsCore texts across the schoolOwls’ World War Two projectOff to a good start…Record Numbers!Throwing InspirationOutdoor LearningA 7 year wait but…Everything starts with readingSuper Sports Day!Shoe Lace ClubSports Day July 10thTransitions…Election ResultsBrundall Primary is ready to vote!Football AchievementsMock ElectionPeacocks are Feeling Good!Healthy HeartsCuriosity…The Library GangImproving our outdoor classroomLearning about magnetism..Play The Piano With PamThe Library GangSporting AchievementsExploring Our Pond HabitatEnd of term discoMusical Theatre ClubAmazing string concert!Gymnastic AchievementVisit to Brundall Hardware StoreOur community…Measuring movement…A walk in the woods…Breakfast With A BookHalves and QuartersThe Book FairTrialing new technology…Outdoor Art – by the PenguinsCuriosity in the Penguins…Work begins…Chinese New YearChinese drummingKarate and FitnessSportshall SuccessOur Community PoliceA Lego engineer visits…The Gingerbread ManExploring a windy day…Elected Sport LeadersHappy Diwali – PenguinsHealthy EatingMassage helps us learnKeeping SafeYear 4 Football FestivalVisit to Brundall LibrarySportshall Athletics Club starts…Voting for Sports CaptainsRecord numbers complete reading challengePeacocks’ Cathedral Choir RehearsalYoga in the Penguin ClassAn exciting start…Origami with the PenguinsIt’s okay to be different…Sports DayGymnastic AwardsTriathlon news…Dance AssemblyDance AwardsThe most active classes…“After yoga I am ready for a challenge”“Your children were so well behaved”Carnival!FairtradeSporting Success in the HawksFuelled by curiosity..Penguin Parent Share LessonOur pond habitatMan of the MatchHealthy Eating TrailCommunity LearningBreakfast With A Book…Norwich City Community Sports FoundationNetball Club-FridaysSporting AchievementSigns of spring…African DrummingChinese VisitorChinese New YearNorfolk School Games Cross CountryPenguin AstronautsVotes for Women!Brundall BarbariansPenguin AssemblyBig Garden Birdwatch“Gymnastics is the best ever”County Champion!Science in the Owls classChurch VisitIce SkatingPeacocks’ Bulb PlantingReading for PleasurePenguins Parent ShareThe Cold Old Old Lady HouseThe Peacocks are published authorsYoga helps us to learnHealthy EatingPeacocks’ ScienceVisitor from GrenadaEvacueesScience in the Owls classNational Poetry Day in the Peacocks and OwlsSainsburys School GamesOwls’ Reading CafeWe are writing!Rugby World CupDodos Week #38Ahoy Penguin Pirates!Newsletter 9th July 2015Royal Norfolk ShowNorfolk Children’s Book FestivalNewsletter 3rd July 2015Dodos Week #37Peacocks’ trip to Go-Go DragonsNewsletter 26th June 2015Newsletter 19th June 2015Dodos Week #35Brundall DigDodos Week #34Newsletter 11th June 2015Dodos Week #33Newsletter 3rd June 2015Dodos Week #32Newsletter 21st May 2015The Owls at How HillDodos Week #31Go Go Dragons!Newsletter 14th May 2015Bird Box UpdateDodos Week #30Newsletter 8th May 2015Election 2015 – The Results!Election 2015 – Reading ListElection 2015 – Stuart Agnew (UKIP)Election 2015 – Keith Simpson (Conservative) and FriendsPenguin & Swan Class Newsletter Summer 1 2015Newsletter 1st May 2015Dodos Week #29Election 2015 – Chris Jones (Labour)Day 16 – 18Dodos Week #28Newsletter 24th April 15Norfolk Cycling AcademyOwls’ trip to Norwich CastleBird Box Web Cam (Day 3 – 9)Dodos Week #27Bird Box Web Cam Day 2Dodos Week #26Newsletter 26th March 2015Peacocks’ Maths CafeDig for VictoryChildren watching the partial eclipse NewstoryNewsletter 20th March 2015A Tale of Two CitiesNewsletter 13th March 2015Dodos Week #24Norfolk County Music Festival LinksYear 5 Science BusDodos Week #23Book Corner CompetitionNewsletter 5th March 2015What the Owls are readingStory Box ChallengeChoose your favourite bookBook Week in the OwlsDodos Week #22Newsletter 26th February 2015Peacocks’ Egg ChallengeDodos Week #21Owls’ Endurance ChallengeNewsletter 12th February 2015Brundall youngsters get inspired by Duncan SlaterGRIT, GROWTH AND GREATNESS WEEKDodos Week #20Newsletter 5th February 2015Owls’ Maths CafeOwls’ Science InvestigationNewsletter 29th January 2015eSafety Top Tips – Careful PostingFarm To Fork School TripDodos Week #18Newsletter 23rd January 2015Newsletter 21st January 2015Dodo News Spring 2015Penguin & Swan News Spring 2015Toucan News Spring 2015Owls Newsletter Spring 2015Newsletter 14th January 2015Dodos Week #16Newsletter 6th January 2015Dodos Week #15Newsletter 18th December 2014B.P.S (Brundall Philharmonic Strings)Dodos Week #14Dodos Week #13Dodos Week #12Toucan’s Class AssemblyDodos Week #11Penguins TripPudsey MadnessDodos Week #10Toucan’s Reading CaféThe Toucans enjoy a visit from a chiropractorToucan’s Autumn WalkToucan’s BulbsToucans Science and Humanities TopicChildren’s CircusNewsletter 25th September 2014Newsletter 18th September 2014Newsletter 15th September 2014Partnership Newsletter July 2014Newsletter 22nd July 2014Owl Class French CaféMy YouTube HobbyWell done to pupils for a lovely Summer ConcertNewsletter 17th July 2014Jelly-Tower Partnership ChallengeHome Learning DisplaysNewsletter 11th July 2014Newsletter 4th July 2014Follow the Toucans’ live webcam feed for their insect investigation.We were delighted to welcome Eileen Ash to the school today.Newsletter 1st July 2014Cricket TournamentShakespeare Peg DollsSchool Games Cross Country Finals – 10th March 2014Year 6 Trip to Norwich for Aspirations WeekFlash Mobbed by Bruno Mars at AssemblyAspirations WeekPenguins Aspirations WeekAspirations Week – TAG RugbyBike RacingOutdoor Learning for the PenguinsDodos’ Cake SaleParent Share DayBrundall Expedition
Penguins visit Norwich Castle
Medieval Madness
Sporting Inspiration
Christmas Dinner
Tomorrow’s exciting visit…
Penguin Parent Share
A big thank you!
Playground Pals
Spaces in Gymnastic Club
Autumn treasure…
Vote for me!
Learning about the 5 Five Senses
A visit from paramedics
Core texts across the school
Owls’ World War Two project
Off to a good start…
Record Numbers!
Throwing Inspiration
Outdoor Learning
A 7 year wait but…
Everything starts with reading
Super Sports Day!
Shoe Lace Club
Sports Day July 10th
Election Results
Brundall Primary is ready to vote!
Football Achievements
Mock Election
Peacocks are Feeling Good!
Healthy Hearts
The Library Gang
Improving our outdoor classroom
Learning about magnetism..
Play The Piano With Pam
The Library Gang
Sporting Achievements
Exploring Our Pond Habitat
End of term disco
Musical Theatre Club
Amazing string concert!
Gymnastic Achievement
Visit to Brundall Hardware Store
Our community…
Measuring movement…
A walk in the woods…
Breakfast With A Book
Halves and Quarters
The Book Fair
Trialing new technology…
Outdoor Art – by the Penguins
Curiosity in the Penguins…
Work begins…
Chinese New Year
Chinese drumming
Karate and Fitness
Sportshall Success
Our Community Police
A Lego engineer visits…
The Gingerbread Man
Exploring a windy day…
Elected Sport Leaders
Happy Diwali – Penguins
Healthy Eating
Massage helps us learn
Keeping Safe
Year 4 Football Festival
Visit to Brundall Library
Sportshall Athletics Club starts…
Voting for Sports Captains
Record numbers complete reading challenge
Peacocks’ Cathedral Choir Rehearsal
Yoga in the Penguin Class
An exciting start…
Origami with the Penguins
It’s okay to be different…
Sports Day
Gymnastic Awards
Triathlon news…
Dance Assembly
Dance Awards
The most active classes…
“After yoga I am ready for a challenge”
“Your children were so well behaved”
Sporting Success in the Hawks
Fuelled by curiosity..
Penguin Parent Share Lesson
Our pond habitat
Man of the Match
Healthy Eating Trail
Community Learning
Breakfast With A Book…
Norwich City Community Sports Foundation
Netball Club-Fridays
Sporting Achievement
Signs of spring…
African Drumming
Chinese Visitor
Chinese New Year
Norfolk School Games Cross Country
Penguin Astronauts
Votes for Women!
Brundall Barbarians
Penguin Assembly
Big Garden Birdwatch
“Gymnastics is the best ever”
County Champion!
Science in the Owls class
Church Visit
Ice Skating
Peacocks’ Bulb Planting
Reading for Pleasure
Penguins Parent Share
The Cold Old Old Lady House
The Peacocks are published authors
Yoga helps us to learn
Healthy Eating
Peacocks’ Science
Visitor from Grenada
Science in the Owls class
National Poetry Day in the Peacocks and Owls
Sainsburys School Games
Owls’ Reading Cafe
We are writing!
Rugby World Cup
Dodos Week #38
Ahoy Penguin Pirates!
Newsletter 9th July 2015
Royal Norfolk Show
Norfolk Children’s Book Festival
Newsletter 3rd July 2015
Dodos Week #37
Peacocks’ trip to Go-Go Dragons
Newsletter 26th June 2015
Newsletter 19th June 2015
Dodos Week #35
Brundall Dig
Dodos Week #34
Newsletter 11th June 2015
Dodos Week #33
Newsletter 3rd June 2015
Dodos Week #32
Newsletter 21st May 2015
The Owls at How Hill
Dodos Week #31
Go Go Dragons!
Newsletter 14th May 2015
Bird Box Update
Dodos Week #30
Newsletter 8th May 2015
Election 2015 – The Results!
Election 2015 – Reading List
Election 2015 – Stuart Agnew (UKIP)
Election 2015 – Keith Simpson (Conservative) and Friends
Penguin & Swan Class Newsletter Summer 1 2015
Newsletter 1st May 2015
Dodos Week #29
Election 2015 – Chris Jones (Labour)
Day 16 – 18
Dodos Week #28
Newsletter 24th April 15
Norfolk Cycling Academy
Owls’ trip to Norwich Castle
Bird Box Web Cam (Day 3 – 9)
Dodos Week #27
Bird Box Web Cam Day 2
Dodos Week #26
Newsletter 26th March 2015
Peacocks’ Maths Cafe
Dig for Victory
Children watching the partial eclipse Newstory
Newsletter 20th March 2015
A Tale of Two Cities
Newsletter 13th March 2015
Dodos Week #24
Norfolk County Music Festival Links
Year 5 Science Bus
Dodos Week #23
Book Corner Competition
Newsletter 5th March 2015
What the Owls are reading
Story Box Challenge
Choose your favourite book
Book Week in the Owls
Dodos Week #22
Newsletter 26th February 2015
Peacocks’ Egg Challenge
Dodos Week #21
Owls’ Endurance Challenge
Newsletter 12th February 2015
Brundall youngsters get inspired by Duncan Slater
Dodos Week #20
Newsletter 5th February 2015
Owls’ Maths Cafe
Owls’ Science Investigation
Newsletter 29th January 2015
eSafety Top Tips – Careful Posting
Farm To Fork School Trip
Dodos Week #18
Newsletter 23rd January 2015
Newsletter 21st January 2015
Dodo News Spring 2015
Penguin & Swan News Spring 2015
Toucan News Spring 2015
Owls Newsletter Spring 2015
Newsletter 14th January 2015
Dodos Week #16
Newsletter 6th January 2015
Dodos Week #15
Newsletter 18th December 2014
B.P.S (Brundall Philharmonic Strings)
Dodos Week #14
Dodos Week #13
Dodos Week #12
Toucan’s Class Assembly
Dodos Week #11
Penguins Trip
Pudsey Madness
Dodos Week #10
Toucan’s Reading Café
The Toucans enjoy a visit from a chiropractor
Toucan’s Autumn Walk
Toucan’s Bulbs
Toucans Science and Humanities Topic
Children’s Circus
Newsletter 25th September 2014
Newsletter 18th September 2014
Newsletter 15th September 2014
Partnership Newsletter July 2014
Newsletter 22nd July 2014
Owl Class French Café
My YouTube Hobby
Well done to pupils for a lovely Summer Concert
Newsletter 17th July 2014
Jelly-Tower Partnership Challenge
Home Learning Displays
Newsletter 11th July 2014
Newsletter 4th July 2014
Follow the Toucans’ live webcam feed for their insect investigation.
We were delighted to welcome Eileen Ash to the school today.
Newsletter 1st July 2014
Cricket Tournament
Shakespeare Peg Dolls
School Games Cross Country Finals – 10th March 2014
Year 6 Trip to Norwich for Aspirations Week
Flash Mobbed by Bruno Mars at Assembly
Aspirations Week
Penguins Aspirations Week
Aspirations Week – TAG Rugby
Bike Racing
Outdoor Learning for the Penguins
Dodos’ Cake Sale
Parent Share Day
Brundall Expedition

Our mission is achievement and creativity for all in the school community.

We aim to put this into practice each day of the year.

This shows itself in the many opportunities that exist at Brundall for children to learn and participate deeply in the life of a vibrant learning community.

Our teachers are all skilled professionals with unique interests and passions that they bring to our school. You will find some with particular interests in the Arts, computing, sport, music, maths, writing-each interest adds something special to our school, and over the period of time children are with us, they will have a rich exposure to different disciplines and learning.

At the ‘top of our mast’ on the Brundall boat flies a heart-originally drawn by a 6 year old- and now a reminder that relationships are at the heart of all our work at Brundall. We are committed to forming positive relationships with all children in the school, with parents and carers and with our local community.

Ofsted Graded GoodWe are supported by an able and committed Governing Body. The work of the School and the Governors was recognized at our last OFSTEd inspection where the school was judged ‘Good’ throughout. We continue to be on the journey to keep building and growing a learning community that is worthy of the wonderful children who attend our school.

Bon voyage…

Rick Stuart-Sheppard