End of 16-17

‘Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment for his first two years of education’
‘Thank you for always believing in children and finding a way to make learning fun and efficient simultaneously. I honestly don’t think our children could have had a better primary education anywhere.’
‘You, and your crew, are extraordinary and we can’t thank you enough for launching our precious people so brilliantly in to the world of being 11+!’
‘Thank you for giving an excellent start in life through their education spanning 20 years at Brundall School.’
‘Thank you for your patience, particularly through “tricky times” ‘
‘You have set (our three children) on their way with a very positive and optimistic outlook, and skills that will carry them well through life.’
‘Surrounded by a strong staff who all share your vision, you have created a wonderfully caring and nurturing environment for all who enter.’

Hawks July 2017

‘lots of enthusiastic children learning and having fun!’
It ‘encouraged creativity and different approaches’
‘good life lesson to accept if your boat doesn’t float. Learn from your decisions and try again.’
‘an inspiring teacher who has great rapport with the children’
‘I liked the relaxing atmosphere “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter-we can talk about why.’
‘found out the school has a pond!’

Shared Lesson June 2017 Golden Orioles

‘My son is better at spelling than I am!’
‘Lots of chatter and enthusiasm in the room.  Lots of creativity and exchange of ideas.’
‘A great attitude in the classroom-I was very impressed with the atmosphere of the students. A great morning.’
‘All of the children were enthusiastic about the task and obviously enjoyed being able to bring the story to life.’
‘Interesting activity which challenged our fine motor skills.’

Toucans June 2017

‘Children engaged with task-good use of tools. Nice making a good guess as to whether it was going to float or not, based on weights, etc.’
‘Loved how it (was) inside the class and then outside the class!’
‘Really well planned and laid out in the classroom.  Great that there was use of hacksaws and clamps-not afraid to get to grips with such equipment.’

Owls February 2017

‘a lovely creative lesson’
‘educational but fun’
‘fantastic creative juices flowing’
‘I didn’t want to leave!’

Golden Orioles December 2016

‘Children were enthusiastic’
‘Lovely singing’
‘Active participation and some excellent artwork! Great use of colours and form!’
‘well organised and structure, warm and welcoming atmosphere.’

December 2016

Dear Mr. Stuart-Sheppard and Staff,

It was a joy to watch every child in the school take part in this year’s “Christmas Lock-in”.
Yet again, I sat in wonder at the apparently never ending creativity and imagination that flows in abundance from Brundall School

The theme was inspired ! The video which gave us all a glimpse inside the staff room was great fun!
The children who played the part of various members of staff were magnificent – none more so than the young man playing the part of a certain
Canadian, hockey playing Head Teacher!!!

Again, you gave us humour, wit and laughter and finally, tears of emotion as we watched the little Penguins at the end. Their Nativity was a classic Reception class tableau.
From the cutest angel sucking her thumb to the”Wise Ones” parading in grandeur, it was precious.

This was a significant occasion for those of us related to the Diggines Clan. Grandma and Grampy were attending their 12th and final Christmas Play.
Having moved to the area when Joseph was just 1, this marked my 9th – and what a grand finale it was!

Thank you for all the years of getting us into the spirit of Christmas. We’ve loved every production and as retired teachers, we recognise the all hours of thought and hard work given to each one.

When the end of term finally arrives, I wish you as much rest and relaxation as one can hope for, amid all the Christmas festivities.

Sending my hearty congratulations for a brilliant production –  and warmest wishes for Christmas,

Ros Nicholls
aka: Aunie Ros !

Hawks November 2016

‘What a wonderful morning in the Hawks’ class’
‘I liked the way Mr Applegate explained the reasons behind what we were doing to both the parents and the children’
‘The room was buzzing with motivated people’
‘…(he) could not stop talking about it!’
‘you encouraged them to give their point of view without putting words into their mouths. You make them think about what they (are) doing but not in an old school ‘you are wrong’ kind of way but a support and guidance kind of way.’
‘I found the tips offered by Mr Applegate really useful’

Swan Shared Lesson November 2016

‘amazing that learning has progressed so well in one term’
‘loved it’
‘loved the constant interaction and questions…I’d like to come in more!’
‘Great participation from all of the children’
‘they were really enjoying thelearning’
‘All children well behaved and concentrating’


Nightingales Shared Lesson November 2016

‘Children seemed to find it fun, even if the sums were challenging’
‘Very helpful for parents to understand the correct methods being used in class’
‘I won’t be panicking when (he) brings his math homework home now’
‘How well the children listened to the adults’
‘Everyone listening and working hard.  Really useful to find out how the children are learning’
‘the children learnt a lot and got involved, I certainly learnt a lot too’


Penguins Parent Share November 2016

‘Loved watching the children being captivated by the learning’
‘lovely learning, class engaged and having fun’
‘…the teacher’s lovely was with the children’
‘I can’t wait for the next one’
‘I liked the use of the computer’
‘The curry was lovely!’
‘Thank you for all your hard work’


Toucans Class Shared Lesson

‘The children were engaged, excited and full of ideas.’
‘I loved the creative task.’
‘Kids really enjoy their class and the room looked great with all the robot pics.’
‘I thought Mrs Alison and Mrs Lamb were lovely and helpful and great at encouraging all the children.  Thank you for a lovely morning.’


More on 15-16…

‘loved this year…his knowledge grown so much…never lost interest…always told us about what he has learnt with enthusiasm and depth of knowledge…’ (Golden Orioles)

‘Thank you Mr Gayford for helping…to blossom…’

‘They treat him as an individual and challenge him accordingly’ (Swans)

‘Thank you for all that you have done for him.  I’m proud of all he has achieved and the person he is turning out to be.’ (Peacocks)

‘…especially pleased to see a real love of sport developing and his confidence grow.’ (Nightingales)

‘I’ve learnt many things over the 7 years I have had at Brundall, and am a little less shy.  I have also found out how much I love maths.’

‘Every year he has had good teachers who helped him to learn so much-from reading, maths, English to learning musical instruments and school trips.  I would recommend this school to others.’

‘I have been impressed with how he has been engaged with every subject he has been taught and his attitude towards it.’ (Hawks)

‘We have felt very lucky to have had such an imaginative and inspiring teacher this year. Thank you Mr Applegate!’  (Hawks)

‘I’m so pleased to see not only how Sid is progressing academically but also how much he is enjoying school.’ (Hawks)

‘…thank staff for the fantastic years…at Brundall Primary.  I cannot conceive of a better all-round education that she could have received anywhere.  Over the years, each class teacher has inspired her in different ways, be it Miss Peers and art or Mrs Power and mathematics.  We…will always think of Brundall as “Outstanding.”

Hot off the press throughout the school in 15-16…

‘so much more progress than we could have thought…stretched yet nurtured and cared for in a wonderful environment’ (Penguins)

‘The level of challenge and support in Peacocks is FIRST CLASS and we could not have wishes for a better staff team.  You have prepared them brilliantly for the new challenges that high school will bring.’

‘the increase in confidence has been amazing’ (Swans)

‘The Year 6 teachers/assistants gave the class a really good calm, relaxed attitude to the SATs and some really good ways of remembering information needed for the Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling test.’

‘I would recommend this school to other parents.  It is a good school, with very good teachers.  Thank you to all who (have been part of his)journey through this school.’

Hawks shared lesson 6.16

‘All children were engaged and having fun.  A well-planned, different and enjoyable parent-share-well done.’

‘It was nice to see how playing with the children can help their learning.’

‘Lots of good ideas for extending mathematical learning with games activities which can be continued at home.  Good evidence of how maths can be fun and part of everyday life.’

‘Joining in with exercises to strengthen core muscles provided a good opportunity to understand how children’s learning can be aided through PE and to see how hard children work at developing perseverance.’

Toucans Shared lesson 6.16

‘All the children were really engaged with the activity and excited about what they were doing.’

‘How enthusiastic everyone is.  And how well behaved the class is.’

‘Lovely learning environment-lots of opportunities to be creative/artistic.’

Former pupil on placement  25.4.16

‘Please thank the Penguins, Peacocks and especially the Nightingales for making me feel so welcome.  I really enjoyed helping the children and seeing how far they progressed!
My work experience has really helped me to think about a carear as a teacher!’

Puffins Testimonials

‘Clear instructions.  Dangers pointed out.’
‘Everyone working together and enjoying the experience of boat building.’
‘Kids and parents collaborate!  Learning through fun.’
‘Worked well within teams.’

Golden Orioles 23.3.16

‘…class were engaged with their learning and enjoying the task.’
‘Everyone working well together and listening to the children’s views.’
‘polite and constructive co-operation’
‘a good way to test the children’s knowledge of circuits’

Swans  23.3.16

‘…how well they behaved and Mrs Wicks kept the class mesmerised and it is a very happy class of children.’
‘…the inclusion of all…’
‘it was great to see the children interact with the story and hear their lovely songs.’

Penguins shared Lesson March 22 2016

‘The children were very happy and engaged, it was lovely to hear the children sing with such enthusiasm and great acting skills’
‘Lovely to come into class and work with my daughter. Thank you.’
‘A lovely atmosphere in the classroom.  All of the children were enjoying the activity and getting along really well.’
‘How expressive and involved they were during the songs-a delight to watch!’
‘ A lovely class of children who all work wonderfully together.’
‘Lovely interaction between the children and Mrs Brown during the story.’
‘Pace of learning really suits this age group; counting, key terms etc. included in every part of the lesson.’

Shared Lesson Feedback 10.3.16

‘Good to see how maths was applied to use creatively and show practical use of numbers’
‘children…keen to participate and share knowledge with others’
‘lovely atmosphere in the classroom’
‘lovely to see all the children confident in what they are doing’
‘good to see how they work out maths calculations even though we’ve had information about it’

Some comments from our shared lessons this term… Autumn 2015


‘Great individual attention given to the children by Mrs Brown and Mrs Elmar’
‘Lovely to see physical activity built into the lesson’
‘Fantastic interaction between teacher and children, everyone learning’


‘Mrs Wicks makes learning fun!’
‘I loved the lovely tone of Mrs Wicks throughout. It keeps the children interested and engaged’
‘glad to have come so I can see language and techniques used when teaching…can use similar at home to reinforce’


‘She has enjoyed the Horrid Henry topic and was very excited about sharing this with me today’
‘It was lovely to hear him talk about what he was doing and why’
‘Mr Applegate was very enthusiastic about what he wanted to achieve…children thoroughly enjoyed it’


‘Mrs Alison and Mrs Lamb excellent’
‘The children clearly enjoyed and (had) a clear understanding of what they were learning’
‘Lovely atmosphere’


‘Really interactive session, very enjoyable’
‘All children enthusiastic and demonstrated good knowledge of the subject’
‘I thoroughly loved the fun atmosphere and creative thinking from the parents and the children and the enthusiasm from the teachers and everybody’

Golden Orioles and Puffins

‘Children very involved and having fun’
‘well behaved children’
‘the children were awesome’
‘both informative and fun’


‘Wonderful morning, creative, educational’
‘enjoying this topic and speaks about it regularly at home’
‘It’s great to see how you’re bringing this (WW2) alive for them’


‘Nice practical use of Maths’
‘Lovely morning! I enjoyed listened to the story and sharing a morning’s work with my child’
‘I’ve enjoyed my morning designing mosaic tiles’

Other Testimonials

“Dear Mr. Stuart-Sheppard,

This 2015 Christmas Production was probably the best that I’ve had the joy of watching out of 8 years of memorable performances.

I loved the clever wit, the charming actors and the inclusion of every child in the school. At this time of year, as far as I’m concerned, there is little to surpass the innocence of children delivering a message from the heart, to a world hungry for good news.

The incredibly hard work put in by every single member of Brundall Scholl, including support staff, is commendable. The positive energy vibes that filled the hall were uplifting! We three retired teachers were enchanted! We were in fits of laughter and joy in one moment and suppressing tears of deep emotion the next.

I wish you and all the staff a well deserved rest from your dedicated hard work which is so worthwhile. Please keep doing what you’re doing for our next generation! It’s making a positive difference!”

With gratitude and good wishes,
Ros Nicholls


“I have enjoyed my placement at Brundall. I like the ethos of the school and have observed some great working relationships between the staff. I have had great fun with the Toucans and have seen some incredible learning journeys even in the short placement. They have a creative streak which has been tuned into, especially over the mindset week.

Looking at how the school supports disadvantaged pupils has enabled me to re-think differentiation strategies and how to remove barriers to learning.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone for making me feel like a part of the team from day one.”

Danielle Ware
PGCE student
March 2015


“I never cease to amaze at all the commitment to enriching the village’s life from you and your staff…their splendid contribution to the Women’s World Day of Prayer…was superb and (they) obviously enjoyed themselves-it showed in their faces! The other thing to compliment you all on is the excellent behaviour of the children”

Shirley Hallam
Brundall Christians Together
March 2015


“From the first day at schol they were challenged to be brave learners, with praise reinforcing their hard work and progress rather than natural ability.  The Reception team used a book about an elastic brain ( My Fantastic, Elastic Brain) which encouraged the children to recognise that their brains can grow and develop all the time and that practice will develop skill in all areas of learning.

Here is a school which has nurtured, challenged and inspired all of our children (and their classmates) in a unique way to be the best they can be and to develop a love of learning and life alongside top academic standards.  They have all been valued as individuals as well as learners and the school has given them the best foundations to continue to develop for the rest of their lives.”

Sian Diggines
March 2015