Dyslexia Café 12.6.19

‘Thank you for offering a wonderful session on Dyslexia.  As a parent (it’s) lovely to gather information.  Mrs Sutton was very helpful.’

‘Brilliant!  Good to be able to talk to Classroom helpers and Mrs Sutton.’

‘Very informative and interesting to see all the different resources that can be helpful.  Have taken several ideas away and feel slightly less anxious abut the future.’

‘I found this workshop really helpful in being able to find diferent ways in which to help my duaghter at home.  The staff were really friendly and helpful.  This was a great idea for parents and I hope there will be more workshops in the furture.’

‘It was nice to meet other parents whose children are experiencing the same types of problems as my son.  Informatino to take away is excellent and valuable for us as supporters of these children.’

June 17, 2019

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