Arty Nightingales

The Nightingales have had a great start to ‘special week’.  We were set a challenge to use a piece of art by Angie Lewin to inspire us.  Mrs Whitehead showed us lots of pictures and some were very complicated.  Some of us were worried and anxious, but when it was explained we would be breaking down the picture into sections, we felt better.  Angie Lewin does this with her art work.

We started with a wash and then added block colour in shapes, before adding detail.  Everyone worked hard and were really pleased with the results.  We also had the opportunity to discuss how we felt before and during the activity.

Monday also saw us taking part in a dance activity and today we have had the opportunity to handle artifacts from a doll museum and answer questions about where they were from ( the dolls were from countries around the world). Later in the week we will be participating in drama, singing, listening to music, freestyle modelling etc.  What a busy week it will be!

‘At first I was totally freaked out because it looked so impossible.  Doing the painting step by step made it easier and I felt really relaxed when painting the wash.’

‘I felt excited about what we were going to do.  I felt relaxed when we were doing our painting because it felt like I was painting my feelings and worries away.’

‘I was a bit worried and wondered how I would do a painting like hers.  When I heard we were doing the printing with shapes I was more confident.  It was relaxing and I felt happy I had finally done it.’