Golden Orioles September 2020

I am really looking forward to spending another year of learning with the current Golden Oriole class, hopefully a full one this time!

Joining the team this year will be Mrs Grey, who will be teaching you on Fridays and Mrs Hesketh, who will be working with all us week. You will already recognise her from being on duty at lunchtimes.

We all wish you an  enjoyable and restful summer holiday- you have worked very hard this year- and we will see you in September!

From Mrs O’Regan and the Golden Oriole Team.

Mrs Hesketh
Mrs O’Regan
Mrs Grey

Golden Orioles Home Learning

Please use your gmail login details to access Google Classroom where you will find details of our latest learning tasks.

English 20.4.20 Year 4/5

Here is your English work for this week. It’s based on a short cartoon. There is a link to it in the pack. You will also find this in Google Classroom. You need your school email and password if you haven’t logged in yet. You will find lots of other activities there too.

Whistlestop tour of Broads National Park

The Golden Orioles class learnt lots today after our experiences in the Broads National Park! After finding out about how grazing marshland is managed today by the use of electric pumps, we climbed up Thurne Mill to see the mechanisms inside a windpump. We then soaked in the Broads landscape during our River Bure cruise, and spotted a range of birds, including herons and several species of geese. Our day ended at How Hill, finding numerous invertebrates whilst dyke-dipping. Our next step will be considering how the Broads can continue to create an environment that is suited to the local wildlife, but at the same time can allow people to enjoy the area.

Year 5 Water, Mills & Marshes project

Today year 5 started the Water, Mills and Marshes project with a workshop looking at the history of the Broads and its use today.  We found out lots on interesting facts and did a quiz afterwards to test our knowledge.  We are looking forward to a visit to Thurne Mill and How Hill after the holidays.

Golden Orioles ‘sail’ through a day at the International BoatBuilding Training College.

Year 5 are to be involved in the ‘Water, Mill and Marshes’ project during the coming months. Golden Orioles got started today by investigating how Anglo-Saxons who settled in this area built boats. Our first stop was Halvergate Marshes to examine the site where an Anglo-Saxon boat was excavated, before heading to the International Boatbuilding Training College in Lowestoft for a tour. We then learnt the finer points of the craft, involving boat design, roving and carving. This meant getting hands on with hammers, nails, chisels and mallets! We all thoroughly enjoyed our day and next week it will be the turn of the Owls.

Year 4 Go Off to Camp

Year 4 had a great time camping out on the school field! Collecting firewood, toasting marshmallows and singing songs around the campfire were all part of the fun. Everyone was quiet in their tents by 11:30 pm, and the teachers were treated to an overhead pass from the International Space Station. After helping themselves to a hearty camp breakfast in the morning, everyone was ready for a new day of learning.

Spelling week 8

The final week of our spelling focus has seen us taking our learning outdoors.  The Nightingales have been working on a flower spelling challenge, whilst the Owls designed their own spelling games to help the Golden Orioles learn their class words.  We had lots of fun sharing our learning, trying out treasure hunts, orienteering challenges and even a spelling hopscotch.


” It was better than sitting in a classroom being outdoors on a sunny day.” (Bea)

“I enjoyed working with other children.” (Bradley)

“I liked how the children were so positive.  It was also a good workout.” (Danny)

“It was nice finding out how the other children were learning their words.” (Georgia)

“I’d never have said spelling was fun before!” (Owen)


Past tense puzzler!

The Golden Orioles had great fun outside turning our class spellings into anagram-style puzzles for others to solve. We even had a word hidden within a wordsearch- now, that was a challenge! Can you identify any of the words in our puzzles?

Tip 1: Many of our words have ‘ed’ endings.

Tip 2: Think about what vowels you have and where they might go.

Tip 3: Are there any doubled letters?

Tip 4: Have fun!


Clues: went, tried, borrowed, happened, stopped, slipped, cancelled, covered, camouflaged, blocked, bottled, heard, opened, closed

Fun and Learning at Fairhaven Water Garden

Last week, the Golden Orioles class went to Fairhaven and had great fun learning about Habitats.

Here are some more pictures showing some of the activities we got up to.

There are actually 15 children exploring the bush in our previous post!

The new question is… how will the den be transformed when Puffins and Nightingales pay their visit?


How many Golden Orioles are climbing inside this bush?

How many Golden Orioles are climbing inside this laurel bush?

Are there…

a. 5 Golden Orioles, b. 10 Golden Orioles, c. 15 Golden Orioles?

Great fun was had at Fairhaven Water Garden today! We were introduced to our new Science topic of Living Things and their Habitats and started off by finding and classifying minibeasts. Later, we foraged for natural items to create a piece of clay art and a home suitable for minibeasts. During the lunchbreak, lots of energy was burnt off by enthusiastic tree climbing and den building.


These chairs come with tartan throws!

In the Golden Orioles, we have been making chairs in the style of the Scottish designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Measuring, sawing and using hammers and nails are many of the skills we have practised. In addition, we designed and made our own tartan throws to adorn them. Take a peek through our window nearest to the Key Stage Two playground to see more!