Kingfishers Home Learning

Hello to all Kingfisher children and families. We hope you are well and keeping safe. From Monday 20th April, activities for home learning will appear weekly in Google Classroom. Most of you have already joined us, but for those of you who haven’t, please log in using your school gmail address. Looking forward to seeing you there.

English 20.4.20 Year 4/5

Here is your English work for this week. It’s based on a short cartoon. There is a link to it in the pack. You will also find this in Google Classroom. You need your school email and password if you haven’t logged in yet. You will find lots of other activities there too.

Special Week in the Kingfisher Class

We have had a very enjoyable week looking at environmental issues during the 1970s and comparing them to modern day perspectives. A special thank you to Arnold’s Mum for helping us put our own words to the lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi; to Bramwell’s Dad for sharing his amazing knowledge about bee keeping, and to Mrs Farley for helping us to make Green Hearts, highlighting Climate Change. A huge thank you to the children’s families for helping them find 1970s costumes on Friday – they were all amazing! Whilst in costume, we enjoyed making Angel Delight and cheese and pineapple hedgehogs, and took our environmental banners on a protest march around the school. It has been a great, memorable week!