20/21 Nightingales

Dear Children,

We are delighted that you are joining us in Nightingales next year. We have lots of exciting learning planned and are looking forward to getting to know you in September. We will be a Year 3/4 class along with the Puffins and Peacocks. All classes will learn the same things throughout the year, but sometimes in a different order.

Mrs Whitehead will be teaching Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Michael will be teaching Thursday and Friday. Mrs Childs will be our LSA and with us all week.

It is a shame that we have not had our usual transition time, but there will be plenty of time in September for us to ‘catch up’ and learn about each other.

At the moment we do not know what September will look like in schools. We will have more details when we start back about the Nightingale class and there will be more details regarding other arrangements for the whole school soon. Make sure you bring your PE bags in the first week back.

Have a great summer and we will see you soon.

The Nightingale Team

Mrs Whitehead
Mrs Michael
Mrs Childs
The classroom at present. It may not look like this in September.
The Cloakroom
KS2 playground

Future home learning.

Hello everyone. We hope that you are all safe and well and enjoying the sunshine if you can. Please don’t forget you will find your future learning for the week on Google Classroom the Friday before the start date. Please email us, if you can, with your learning for this week by Friday. We are always interested to see your learning. Take care and keep safe.

The Nightingale Team.

Home learning 18/4/20

Hi there and hope that this finds you all well and keeping safe. From April 18th home learning will be set weekly for the Nightingale class. It can be accessed via Google Classroom. Please log in using your school email address. Take care and keep safe. The Nightingale Team.

Nightingale Special Week

The Nightingales had a very busy week during special week. They studied a ‘decade a day’. They were able to learn about changes over time, then and now and also see progression through the decades. This was particularly obvious when looking at how technology had changed. They were surprised by some things and asked sensible and relevant questions based on their learning. Each day a floor book was made as a ‘snapshot’ of what they had learned that day. The children worked co-operatively and had the opportunity to use various resources and also genuine artifacts, like predecimal coins (from before 1971) and a piece of the Berlin Wall. It was a super week with lots of learning and fun. The 70s style dance caused a lot of giggles!!

Making our floor book
Lara in a blouse from Hong Kong before handover to China in 1997.
One of our floor books.
Coins from Hong Kong before hand over to China in 1997.

Stone Age Nightingales

The Nightingales, along with the Puffins, have just returned from a great day at Gressenhall Museum. The aim of the day was to participate in a number of Stone Age workshops. We had to learn how to build a shelter and the materials it would be made of and then we learned how to grind corn and had the opportunity to try on a variety of Stone Age type clothes. That was good fun!! After lunch we looked at a number of artefacts and learned how flints were made before returning to the forest to learn how to hunt wild animals. We had to creep very quietly and also learned what foods there would be from plants and trees. We learned alot of new vocabulary and also how important teamwork is. We all had a great day and will continue our learning back in the classroom.

Arty Nightingales

The Nightingales have had a great start to ‘special week’.  We were set a challenge to use a piece of art by Angie Lewin to inspire us.  Mrs Whitehead showed us lots of pictures and some were very complicated.  Some of us were worried and anxious, but when it was explained we would be breaking down the picture into sections, we felt better.  Angie Lewin does this with her art work.

We started with a wash and then added block colour in shapes, before adding detail.  Everyone worked hard and were really pleased with the results.  We also had the opportunity to discuss how we felt before and during the activity.

Monday also saw us taking part in a dance activity and today we have had the opportunity to handle artifacts from a doll museum and answer questions about where they were from ( the dolls were from countries around the world). Later in the week we will be participating in drama, singing, listening to music, freestyle modelling etc.  What a busy week it will be!

‘At first I was totally freaked out because it looked so impossible.  Doing the painting step by step made it easier and I felt really relaxed when painting the wash.’

‘I felt excited about what we were going to do.  I felt relaxed when we were doing our painting because it felt like I was painting my feelings and worries away.’

‘I was a bit worried and wondered how I would do a painting like hers.  When I heard we were doing the printing with shapes I was more confident.  It was relaxing and I felt happy I had finally done it.’


Nightingale Parent Share

We used our volcano designs, during our ‘Parent Share’ to create a multi medium, 3D collage.  We were given a set of criteria and tried to follow them carefully.  We had to communicate with our adult and they had to listen to us.  It was good fun and we were all delighted with our finished art work.  Everybody worked hard and had something to be proud of.

Here are some examples.

Vocabulary Week 4

Our focus this week is on polysemous words, words which can have many meanings. There are many examples of these in the English language and they can make reading confusing.  The Owls thought of cut, fire, ball, shot, pen, date, broke, mouse, cap, bank, ruler, swallow, swift.

How many different ways can you find to use ‘break’ in a sentence?  How many more polysemous words can you think of?

This week, the Puffins have been improving their writing on volcanoes by using more interesting synonyms.  It was great to hear some of these in assembly this morning.  The Penguins shared their fantastic knowledge of vocabulary related to plants, whilst the Swans have created a brilliant display of root words, prefixes and suffixes.  The Nightingales have linked their display to the class topic, with their Vocabulary Volcano and it was great to see the Bitterns and Toucans using dictionaries and thesauruses to help develop spelling and vocabulary.

Please continue to support our focus by reading at home with your children as much as possible over the Easter holidays.


Kindness Orienteering Challenge

As part of our Special Week, the Owls prepared an orienteering course around the school for the Nightingales.  At each point, the children found clues to work out a puzzle connected to kindness.  It was a lot of fun and very energetic too.

Nightingale Disturbance

In Nightingales we are learning about the Iron Man.  We are enjoying reading the book and predicting the text.  There have been some funny goings on in the class room.  Last week we found mysterious silver dust all over the carpet.  This has been analysed as specific space dust and not just iron filings.  This week we came to school to find that our 4 home made robots/Iron Men had been having a great time over the weekend with the lego, scissors and paper.  What a surprise on a

Monday morning.

German Nightingales


We have had a lovely time in the Nightingales this afternoon.  We looked at videos of German Christmas markets and learned about their traditions and food.  We then had a German tasting plate of smoked cheese, ham, salami, bread, rye bread, gingerbread and stolen.  It was delicious and washed down with blackcurrant or water.  Of course we couldn’t have gluhwein.  After that we listened to some traditional German carols and music and had a dance.  We learned that in Southern Germany they take part in a schuplattler dance.  We had a go.  It was very difficult.  Frohe Weihnachten!!