Vocabulary Week 4

Our focus this week is on polysemous words, words which can have many meanings. There are many examples of these in the English language and they can make reading confusing.  The Owls thought of cut, fire, ball, shot, pen, date, broke, mouse, cap, bank, ruler, swallow, swift.

How many different ways can you find to use ‘break’ in a sentence?  How many more polysemous words can you think of?

This week, the Puffins have been improving their writing on volcanoes by using more interesting synonyms.  It was great to hear some of these in assembly this morning.  The Penguins shared their fantastic knowledge of vocabulary related to plants, whilst the Swans have created a brilliant display of root words, prefixes and suffixes.  The Nightingales have linked their display to the class topic, with their Vocabulary Volcano and it was great to see the Bitterns and Toucans using dictionaries and thesauruses to help develop spelling and vocabulary.

Please continue to support our focus by reading at home with your children as much as possible over the Easter holidays.


Swans are crazy about Capacity

Today the Swan Class had so much fun finding out about Capacity. What better way to find out about Capacity than a water race!! We divided into two teams. Each team was given a cup and the aim of the challenge was to be the first team to transport all their water from one bucket to another? Which team won? Of course it was the team with the biggest cup and the Swans were quick to notice this. We also found out how many Swans we can fit into different sized hoops. It was certainly a squash and a squeeze!

Swans learn about Dubai

Today a pupil from the Swan Class, along with his Mum, talked to us about his visit to Dubai. We found out about the currency, culture, climate and faith of this wonderful city. The Swan class heard about the Souk markets and had the chance to smell the spiced lemons. We dressed up in the National dress and talked about the reason that they needed to wear clothes that kept them cool. We heard of adventures of camping in the desert and saw how this contrasted to the high rises of the city. We found out why Mosques are important and how people are called to prayer. The children loved the idea of the camels being called a ‘Caravan of Camels’. Thank you for sharing your lovely holiday with us.

Swans celebrate Shrove Tuesday

What better way to think about Shrove Tuesday than actually making pancakes. Today the Swans have been reading a recipe, carefully measuring out ingredients, talking about changes in ingredients as they are cooked and of course tasting our own delicious pancakes. We also read the story of ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ and reminded ourselves of the importance of being kind and helpful to others. Check out the story on YouTube. We loved the ending!

Swans become Kindness Superheroes!

During our special week all about kindness, the Swan class became ‘Kindness Superheroes’. We donned our masks and capes and spread kindness around our class, the school and beyond.

We started the week by reading the story ‘Have you filled a Bucket Today?’ This story teaches us the importance of being nice to people in order to fill their invisible bucket. We designed our own buckets and every time we are ‘caught being kind’ we get to fill our bucket.

On Tuesday, we baked over 250 vanilla heart biscuits. As we baked, we poured our kindness into the bowl and on Valentine’s Day we delivered a biscuit to every child in school!

On Wednesday, the RSPB came to work with us to carry out some Birdwatching and we thought about how we can show kindness to the birds around our school. Thank you to Clare and Vicky for a wonderfully interesting visit. Later that day, we made special messages which we then posted to the special people in our lives. We hope that they spread kindness when they have been delivered.

On Thursday, the Toucan class were very kind and came to share stories with us, thank you Toucans for bringing stories to life. In the afternoon, We wanted to show kindness to the people who help us in school and invited them to come for a tea party.

We ended the week by reading the ‘Kindness Quilt’ and made our own quilt of kind acts that we carry out at home and school. We are sure our kindness will continue into the weeks, months and years that follow but this week has been a great reminder that even the smallest act of kindness can make a huge difference.


Unusual Pets!

The Swan class have been looking at how we can classify animals into groups such as mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, etc. We have been learning about what attributes these creatures have which help us to classify them. The children have been asking many questions. Is it hot or cold blooded? Does it give birth to live young? Does it like to live on land and in water? What better way to find out about these creatures than to get up close and personal to them. Two of the children in our class have some very unusual pets which they brought to school. We welcomed stick insects, Toto the tortoise and Ludo the Bearded Dragon Lizard. We even had a real life hunting moment as Ludo gobbled up some live grasshoppers for a snack!

The Circle of Life!

The Swan class have been busy this term finding out about life cycles. We have watched closely as our very own caterpillars transformed into butterflies. This has been a great opportunity for us to observe changes over time and get to grips with some very technical vocabulary such as ‘Metamorphosis’. One of the children’s Grandad is an expert when it comes to butterflies and dragonflies and came to talk to us about them. It was a very special moment when we released our butterflies and set them free.

Swan Class Minibeast Madness

Today the Swan Class performed an assembly to the rest of the school and our parents. It was a celebration of all our learning so far this half term. We shared our research about minibeasts and fascinated everyone with our knowledge. We shared our minibeast songs and our wonderful artwork. We finished by grooving to the ‘Ugly Bug Ball’. The children spoke beautifully and clearly, making their families and teacher very proud. Well done Swans, you are all stars!

Village Library

On Monday morning the Penguins and Swans visited our village library.

Tess read a funny story called “There’s a pig up my nose” and the children enjoyed joining in. We also had time to browse the books and there were many requests to take books home. We did select a mystery bag of books and we look forward to exploring them on World Book Day.

This is such a fantastic facility in our community and it is free to join. Children can borrow up to 15 books at a time as well as Story Sacks, audio books and DVDS.  Parents and carers just need to take evidence of their home address (e.g a utility bill) to join and enjoy our library.

We are also thrilled to hear that our village library will soon be extending it’s opening hours so why not make it part of your journey home ?

Lastly, we do hope you can join us  for “Breakfast with a Book” (between 8.15-9.15am) on Thursday 1st March in the school hall.  There were be lots of breakfast foods and the chance to spend time sharing books with your child.

Mrs Brown

Penguins Class Teacher


Medieval Madness

At the start of this week, the Swan class jumped on board the time machine and traveled back in time to the Medieval period to discover what life was like to live in a castle. We found out all about the early Motte and Bailey castles and how the original wooden structures were replaced by stone castles. We visited Norwich castle and enjoyed exploring the castle keep, especially the garderobes. We learned a medieval dance and tried our hand at archery. The week finished with a chance to be Knights in a mighty battle and then we became lords and ladies at the high table and feasted at our banquet.   

Remembrance Day Service

On Sunday 12th November, representatives from local groups and organisations joined together at Brundall Church to remember those who have fought and died in Wars. We were honoured to be asked to lay a wreath in remembrance and our two representatives did an excellent job!
“At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them.”