Dodos Week #12

This week we have been writing up our stories based on the Prince and the flying carpets – stay tuned for the finished articles. We had a visit from Shan Barclay who talked to the class about being a Muslim and the Golden Age of Islam. The class also began writing up their science investigations in the style of a scientific journal (see below).

Next week we will be focusing on the Christmas production and catching up on some maths topics.

Science Investigations

Circulatory System 

Wednesday Group Friday Group

Jacob, Connor and James

Conor and Zach

Daisy, Leah and Sophie

Lucy, Abbie and Henry

Joseph and Evan

Morganne, Ella and Aimee

Luke and Levi

Sophie, Catherine, Chloe and Naomi

Lucy W, Christina, Emily and Lucy K

Lennie, Tom and Joey

Malachai, Matthew and Harrison


Jelly Experiments

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Golden Age of Islam Presentations

Mark Scheme

Historical facts (45 marks)
Geographical facts (10 marks)
Language and literacy skills (20 marks)
Originality (20 marks)
ICT skills (5 marks)

Conor and Joey

Lennie and James

Naomi and Sophie C

Zach and Joseph

Luke and Levi

Lucy Weth and Evan

Emily and Lucy Wi

Catherine and Christina

Henry and Connor

Malachai and Jacob

Chloe and Abbi

Daisy and Leah

Morganne and Ella

Tom and Matthew

Sophie R

Home Learning

  • Learn the Songs
  • Learn your lines for the Christmas play
  • Look at everyone’s science projects
    • Make yours as good Luke’s and Levi’s and Campbell et al
  • Look at the history presentations
    • How are you going to uplevel yours before Christmas?
    • What marks do you think you score at the moment?
  • Keep going with the moon diaries
  • Read the eSafety leaflet with an adult at home


  • Ask an adult
    • “What do you believe in?”
  • Sport
    • England v Australia
      • Sat 14:30 – Again, not on BBC 🙁

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