Little scientists -Life Cycles

In the Penguin and Bittern classes we are building on the children’s interest in the natural world. On Monday we visited the school wild life area for a butterfly hunt but we were still curious…. so on Tuesday we investigated the peregrines via the Norwich Cathedral web cam but we were still curious…on Wednesday we bought a caterpillar to butterfly growing kit but we were still curious…On Thursday we explored the work of a taxidermist but we were still curious so on Friday we created some beautiful symmetrical butterflies…..

We hope you can guess that we have been exploring The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other texts by Eric Carle…

Next week we excitedly await eggs from a Great Tit that has built a nest in our birdbox with a web cam…

All these real experiences bring learning alive and exciting for our children.

What will you find over the long weekend to show us in school?

Mrs Brown

Early Years Team