Dinosaur Trail!

We are going on the dinosaur trail in Norwich. The trail starts on Monday and we are taking each class from Year 2 to Year 6 to have a taste of the fun. We will be getting the train and will have two hours in Norwich, two classes will go each day but on different trains. All the trips are taking place in mornings and we will be back for lunch. Children need to be dressed for the weather with shoes that mean they can walk comfortably for this time. Each class will be escorted by four adults.

The trips are on the following days:

Monday, 27th June Hawks and Owls

Tuesday, 28th June Kingfishers and Bitterns

Thursday, 30th June Peacocks and Nightingales

Friday, 1st July Toucans and Golden Orioles

More information can be found here…https://www.break-charity.org/gogodiscover/