Headteacher update – 23/09/2022

Dear Families

I hope this finds you safe and well and getting used to the arrival of Autumn!

It has been an incredibly busy start to the term, with national events understandably dominating some of our thinking over the last few weeks. Term started with a series of meetings so parents could Meet the Staff; thank you so much to everyone who came along. It was a good way to start the school year, explaining some of the changes in school and helping us to get know you and you to know us. This week has seen the start of our morning Progress Meetings which will continue this process throughout the year, focusing on your children, how they are progressing in school and any other issues relevant to their well being.

This week has also seen the return of our after school clubs which have got off to a successful start.

The last two weeks have unfortunately seen some staff off school unwell. We are grateful for the staff who have covered for these absences and kept our children safe, happy and learning.

Each week, we will be sending you a link to the News section on our website that will keep you fully informed of everything that is going on. We hope this is useful to you; your feedback has been that having all this information in one place is helpful.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend and everyone – staff and children – return refreshed for the week ahead. Next week includes interviews for our new Head of School and we are excited about the possibilities this new post brings for us as a school.

Take care, everyone

Sarah Shirras,