Leavers’ Events

Our leavers’ party is on Friday from 7pm-9pm. Please let us know if you would like your child to come and still needs a ticket.

There is a leavers’ presentation for families on Wednesday, 20th July at 7pm. We hope lots of you will be able to come and support this lovely event.


From tomorrow, you will be able to order and pay for uniform through Parent Pay. This will mean it is cheaper as we will sell it to you for no profit. When you order it, it will be available to collect the week before term starts in September. From then onwards, we will hold stock at all times so you can order and collect from school, or we can give it straight to your child.

Any uniform you already own will continue to be able to be worn. All items can also be brought from any supplier without a logo on it except for the new (voluntary) grey hooded sweatshirts which will be logoed and bought from us.

Please send in any unwanted uniform that is still in a good state so we can set up a ‘previously loved’ uniform in the autumn term. Thank you

Dinosaur Trail!

We are going on the dinosaur trail in Norwich. The trail starts on Monday and we are taking each class from Year 2 to Year 6 to have a taste of the fun. We will be getting the train and will have two hours in Norwich, two classes will go each day but on different trains. All the trips are taking place in mornings and we will be back for lunch. Children need to be dressed for the weather with shoes that mean they can walk comfortably for this time. Each class will be escorted by four adults.

The trips are on the following days:

Monday, 27th June Hawks and Owls

Tuesday, 28th June Kingfishers and Bitterns

Thursday, 30th June Peacocks and Nightingales

Friday, 1st July Toucans and Golden Orioles

More information can be found here…https://www.break-charity.org/gogodiscover/

Key Stage 1 Play Equipment

We have had some issues with our KS1 play equipment (the pirate ship area) over the last few weeks, including parts of it breaking. We are having an inspection of the equipment on Thursday, 16th June and will make any repairs needed as soon as possible. In the meantime, the equipment is out of use until we are sure it is safe. The children will play on the field at lunchtimes as the weather forecast is really good s will still have a fun time! It is very important children do not play on this equipment when families collect at the end of the school day until we know it is safe. Thank you for your support for this.

Rock the Boat

The Friends of Brundall School (FOBS) are working really hard to prepare for their main event of the year, Rock the Boat. This is a family festival from 2pm – 9.30pm, making the most of our lovely field to provide a range of entertainment and refreshments. We do hope as many of our community can support this fantastic event both so they have an enjoyable day but also to raise money to enhance the opportunities of all our children. We are working closely with FOBS to make sure the events they work so hard for, and that you generously support, have the biggest impact they can on every child’s experience at school. Please come along and support this exciting event!

Transition Activities

We know starting school, moving class and moving schools are all huge events for children. They can be really exciting, with all the new opportunities they bring, but can also cause some anxiety when so much changes. We have a range of transition events across our school to support these changes.

We have already held meetings for our new Reception parents whose children start in September. We will welcome them again, with their children for Stay and Play sessions, on 11th, 12th, 14th and 15th July. Every child will come for two sessions across those days. If you are not sure when your child’s sessions are, please get in touch.

Our Year 6 children are getting prepared for their move to high school in a range of ways. We have had contact with all schools already to talk about each child. Children going to Acle High are going on 4th and 5th July. Those going to Thorpe St Andrew School are going on 11th and 12th July. On 13th July, Sandie Woods and Emma Mayes (our pastoral team) are running a day specifically to support their confidence and resilience. There will be more details sent to Year 6 parents about this soon.

For all the other children in our school, they are going to spend the week in their new class beginning on 11th July. They will be in their new room with their new class mates and their new adults for the whole week. This will help them all get to know each other and to establish routines and systems, including how they get in to class, where their pegs are and where their toilets are. This will be a great opportunity to start to build relationships and to ensure children end the term feeling positive about the new school year in September.

After School Clubs

We are delighted that so many children have been able to attend after school clubs this term. Thank you to all those staff who have been running them. We look forward to having a similar but extended offer in the new school year.

Our after school clubs will finish on Friday, 15th July. This means there will be no clubs in the last week of term.

Celebrating Sport!

Our Sports Afternoons are rushing towards us very quickly! Each afternoon starts at 1.30pm. Once the events are over, families are free to leave with their children and can take siblings with them if this is helpful for them. The events are on the following days, with reserve dates in case of bad weather:

Reception – Wednesday, 29th June (6th July)

Years 1 and 2 (all children from these Year Groups) – Thursday, 30th June (7th July)

Years 3-6 – Friday, 1st July (Friday, 8th July)

Trips This Week

There are more exciting trips out of school this week that will add to the children’s learning experience. On Monday, Swans, Toucans and Hawks will each spend half a day at Strumpshaw Fen, having a picnic there or at school. Please make sure they have a packed lunch, from home or school, and that they have a hat and sun cream (already applied) as it looks like it will be a glorious day.

Years 3 and 4 are heading to Gressenhall on Wednesday. They also need a packed lunch and to be dressed for the fine weather we are promised. We know they are very excited as this their first trip for a very long time. We hope they have a wonderful day!

Proposed Federation FAQs

Do schools still fall under the LA if they federate?

The process of federation is a way for two or more Local Authority schools to work closely together.

Following on from conversation about how academisation differs from federation – Will the higher level post holders still have an awareness of what is going on on the ground? 

The proposed structure federation organisation structure is very flat. The proposed federation has few levels of management.

How will resources be shared across the schools, particularly regarding SEN provision?

It is unlikely that the schools would share physical resources, and existing staff would work in their schools as they do now. There would be opportunity for sharing resources such as HR, finance and clerking support which the schools currently purchase from the local authority or external suppliers. It is hoped that the schools will have greater purchasing power to achieve volume discounts on stationery, IT, utilities and other items necessary for the running of both schools. The federation will bring opportunities for high quality training, including around Additional Needs, and chances for the SENCos to work together.

Are there plans for the Federation to expand?

Not currently, but it is possible. If a school wishes to join the Federation at a later stage they must give notice of the proposal to the Governing Body of the Federation. Upon receipt of the notice, the Governing Body of the Federation must consider whether they should give preliminary consent to the school joining the Federation or determine that the school should not join the Federation. If the Governing Body of the Federation gives preliminary consent, it must jointly with the other Governing Body or Bodies publish proposals for Federation for consultation and follow procedures similar to the formation of a new Federation.

Online Safety Alert

We are becoming increasingly concerned about an online character that has come to our notice. 

Please be extra vigilant over some seemingly fun videos in circulation featuring an animated character called ‘Huggy Wuggy’.

These videos look to be aimed at children but contain inappropriate material.  The character comes from an adult game but has been made into videos that appear on You Tube and have slipped through parental controls.  These could be distressing to some of our children.

If you have a particular worry, please email us at office@brundall.norfolk.sch.uk