The Nightingales and Kevin the Carrot

We had fun in The Nightingales last week. In our English lessons we were challenged to write in the style of the Aldi Christmas adverts and the adventures of Kevin the Carrot and his family. We had to learn about rhyming couplets first and we watched Aldi adverts from 2016-2020. We listened carefully for the rhyme and also the rhythm of the lines. Each table had a different setting for their advert and each child had to write one or two couplets. The settings were the seaside, circus, Christmas at home, the zoo and Santa’s workshop. When all our work had been planned, written, evaluated and edited, we then wrote it out in neat and illustrated it. The work was then put on the wall to read like a whole advert. Mrs Whitehead contacted Aldi and we hope to hear back from them.

We have also enjoyed learning a number of dances in PE. It has been good fun and everyone has taken part and had a go. We have experienced salsa/samba, paso doble/flamenco and waltz. We are looking forward to finishing the term with a ‘mirror dance’.

We have all enjoyed our Ancient Egypt topic and participated in various activities. We were challenged to sew using binca and embroidery thread. The Ancient Egyptians didn’t really sew their clothes but they did embroider. It has been challenging and rewarding and families will see the results soon.

Have a good Christmas Nightingales. You have worked hard!