FOBS Skills Register


Is Robbie Williams your cousin? Have you played Cricket for England?  Are you a Rocket Scientist?

Seriously… we know there is a wealth of talent and expertise out there! FOBS would like to tap into it!

We would like to form a skills register, we’re not experts and sometimes we need a hand, even if it just about negotiating for a good deal or asking advice.

Signing up to the register doesn’t oblige you to become a member of FOBS or give up hours of your time – we would of course be delighted if you’d like to join us.

So… if you are a graphic designer, publisher, author, poet, carpenter, builder, driver, caterer, beautician, play in a band, an accountant, a lawyer, police officer, fireman, health and safety officer, web site designer, have an interest in nature, bake, own a boutique, sing, dance, an electrician, garden, farm, illustrate, teach martial arts, produce local food, expert in PR, doctor, dentist, speak a different language, butcher, have hobbies, expert in antiques, any skill, talent, occupation!  We would love to hear from you.

(N.B: any information given would be only ever used by FOBS committee members and not passed on to any third parties)

Please contact FOBS on it’s email address:

Thank you
Chantelle Holmes, Chair