Welcome to Brundall Primary

I am delighted to welcome you to Brundall Primary School. Our website gives just a taste of the activities our children take part in on a daily and weekly basis. It outlines the progress our children are making and the wide range of successes they achieve. You can see the trips we have been on and the visitors we have had in school to inspire learning.

The children at Brundall know that the best learning happens when we work hard and don’t let failure stop us! The more effort we put in, the better our learning is. We are spending a lot of time at the moment reviewing what we teach to make sure it inspires everyone to learn. We want school to be a happy, exciting place to be where learning is irresistible!

I am extremely proud to be the headteacher at Brundall. The children, their families, our staff and governors are all united in working to make this school the best it can be for every child.

Latest News

  • Proposed Federation FAQs

    Do schools still fall under the LA if they federate?

    The process of federation is a way for two or more Local Authority schools to work closely together.

    Following on from conversation about how academisation differs from federation – Will the higher level post holders still have an awareness of what is going on on the ground? 

    The proposed structure federation organisation structure is very flat. The proposed federation has few levels of management.

    How will resources be shared across the schools, particularly regarding SEN provision?

    It is unlikely that the schools would share physical resources, and existing staff would work in their schools as they do now. There would be opportunity for sharing resources such as HR, finance and clerking support which the schools currently purchase from the local authority or external suppliers. It is hoped that the schools will have greater purchasing power to achieve volume discounts on stationery, IT, utilities and other items necessary for the running of both schools. The federation will bring opportunities for high quality training, including around Additional Needs, and chances for the SENCos to work together.

    Are there plans for the Federation to expand?

    Not currently, but it is possible. If a school wishes to join the Federation at a later stage they must give notice of the proposal to the Governing Body of the Federation. Upon receipt of the notice, the Governing Body of the Federation must consider whether they should give preliminary consent to the school joining the Federation or determine that the school should not join the Federation. If the Governing Body of the Federation gives preliminary consent, it must jointly with the other Governing Body or Bodies publish proposals for Federation for consultation and follow procedures similar to the formation of a new Federation.

  • Online Safety Alert

    We are becoming increasingly concerned about an online character that has come to our notice. 

    Please be extra vigilant over some seemingly fun videos in circulation featuring an animated character called ‘Huggy Wuggy’.

    These videos look to be aimed at children but contain inappropriate material.  The character comes from an adult game but has been made into videos that appear on You Tube and have slipped through parental controls.  These could be distressing to some of our children.

    If you have a particular worry, please email us at office@brundall.norfolk.sch.uk

  • The Hawk and Owl Trust

    The Hawk and Owl Trust are visiting school on Monday, 16th May to work with our Year 5 and 6 children. This is a very exciting opportunity to learn about these beautiful and fascinating creatures.

Diary Dates

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