Ethos & Values


In January 2022, each class discussed how we want our school to be and to feel. We agreed on our top three values:

  • to be kind
  • to be honest
  • to be curious

This will lead to us all being extraordinary!

As a staff team, we have been reading and learning from the team behind the book 'When the Adults Change'.

'Getting the culture right is pivotal. With the right culture, the strategies that are used become less important. The culture is set by the way that the adults behave.'


We are all here to make great schools within happy, strong communities so that all of us can live our lives to the full, now and in the future.  

We believe that every child deserves a primary school experience that supports their social and emotional development and well being as well as their academic progress. They should be able to flourish as they move through school, having a wide range of opportunities and experiences that not only prepare them for their future but that make life fun and exciting right now! We work closely with families, offering help and support where it is needed, ensuring they are fully involved in the work of the school, with all the benefits this brings for all of us. Each school has a hugely positive atmosphere, with every member of staff adding to the this culture and modelling the behaviours we want to see in others. Each school plays an active part in its local community and welcomes that community to contribute to the rich range of activity it provides.  

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