Brundall Geography Curriculum

Brundall School is ideally situated for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils to visit, explore and investigate a variety of physical and human geographical features.  We believe outdoor learning is an integral part of the curriculum and endeavour to utilise it wherever possible, e.g: visits to museums, the city and the coast.  The new National Curriculum in geography provides new challenges for children in both Key Stages, e.g. studying specific countries and climates and comparing/contrasting them to life in Britain.

Geography is taught from Reception to Year 6.  During this time children are encouraged to become independent learners and develop their knowledge of globally significant places, understand human and physical features and use geographical data in various ways. There is also an emphasis on children being able to use fieldwork and observational skills.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage and KS1, children are expected to begin to understand and name the four countries of the U.K., use maps and photographs and identify weather patterns. In KS2, the children are encouraged to further their locational knowledge of cities in the U.K., specific countries and a variety of geographical terminology.

Geography forms part of a diverse Creative Curriculum at Brundall School where the children achieve through creativity and enjoyment.  We include the fundamental British values of tolerance and respect for others and the rule of flow.  This might include, in Geography , why people move between areas and countries; the diversity of cultures and beliefs in the United Kingdom, the European Community and the World; and the features, both physical and man made, that have encouraged settlement.

Click here for topics Brundall geographers will be covering this year.

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