About the School

Our mission is achievement and creativity for all in the school community.

We aim to put this into practice each day of the year.

This shows itself in the many opportunities that exist at Brundall for children to learn and participate deeply in the life of a vibrant learning community.

Our teachers are all skilled professionals with unique interests and passions that they bring to our school. You will find some with particular interests in the Arts, computing, sport, music, maths, writing-each interest adds something special to our school, and over the period of time children are with us, they will have a rich exposure to different disciplines and learning.

At the ‘top of our mast’ on the Brundall boat flies a heart-originally drawn by a 6 year old- and now a reminder that relationships are at the heart of all our work at Brundall. We are committed to forming positive relationships with all children in the school, with parents and carers and with our local community.

Ofsted Graded Good

We are supported by an able and committed Governing Body. The work of the School and the Governors was recognized at our last OFSTEd inspection where the school was judged ‘Good’ throughout. We continue to be on the journey to keep building and growing a learning community that is worthy of the wonderful children who attend our school.

Miss Sarah Shirras