Code of Conduct


  • I am polite to others.
  • I show good manners wherever I am in school – the classroom, hall, cloakrooms, corridors, toilets, on the playground or field.
  • I eat my food quietly, using good table manners and clear away afterwards.
  • I walk and watch out for others.
  • I use polite and kind language and copy the good behaviour I see around me.


  • I show kindness to others who need a friend.
  • I help new pupils to settle in happily at Brundall School.
  • I do not tease or upset or bully other children. Name calling of any kind is unacceptable (race, gender, size or other).
  • I include classmates in my games.
  • I am fair in my work and play.


  • I respect other children.
  • I respect grown-ups who work at or visit the school.
  • I respect other children’s property.
  • I respect the school’s property.
  • I put litter in the bin.


  • I play safely in the right places.
  • I take care with apparatus and equipment so that no one is injured.
  • I walk sensibly in the school building.


  • I make sure I talk about anything that worries or concerns me.
  • If my friends cannot help me, I talk to an adult.
  • I listen to my friends if they are worried or concerned.
  • If I cannot help my friends, we seek the help of an adult.