Ethos & Values

Brundall School Vision

OUR MISSION is to develop excellence through high achievement and creativity for all in the school community.

OUR VISION is that Brundall School is:

  • A place where pupils achieve and create, and become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens
  • A place that values the role that parents and others play in learning
  • A school where staff continue their own professional development

THE STRATEGIES we use to achieve our vision are:

  • Putting achievement and creativity of the children first
  • Developing the skills and expertise of our staff
  • Making explicit our goals and targets for improvement and development
  • Holding to a growth mindset in our learning community, where we value effort and feedback and how these help us achieve better outcomes


  • Mutual respect and unconditional positive regard for each other
  • Openness, honesty, fairness
  • Respect for differences
  • Regard for individuals and groups
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Placing learning at the heart of the school and our relationships
  • Creating a positive environment now and for the future


In our dealings as adults with children we aim to be positive, encouraging and inspirational and to demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism by:

  • planning, preparing and delivering a challenging and exciting curriculum
  • regularly reviewing and improving
  • managing ourselves and resources effectively
  • maintaining good communication with parents

We aim to recognise and reward achievement and creativity

We aim to help every child to succeed and to persist at challenges

We aim to provide a caring, safe, friendly and supportive environment in which all can flourish

We will teach your child to:

  • read, write, listen and speak effectively
  • develop mathematical and scientific skills
  • understand the world in which he/she lives
  • develop skills to solve problems and form opinions
  • enjoy the expressive arts of music, art and drama
  • enjoy physical activities and sport
  • develop skills in adaptability, co-operation and imagination
  • apply knowledge to new situations
  • become an independent thinker, able to use initiative
  • develop social skills which lead to increased self-confidence and high self-esteem
  • understand that the rights of each individual are balanced with responsibility
  • respect differences of race, gender, age, religion, culture and ability
  • reflect on and consider a variety of religious and moral issues in a meaningful way
  • have a positive outlook on life with a balance between hard work/effort and fun/enjoyment